Seminar Questioning operations

The seminar Questioning operations will take place on Monday 19 November 2012, from 9:30 to 13:00, in room 646A – Mondrian of the Bâtiment Condorcet. Maps and directions can be found here.

The seminar is organised by  Karine Chemla, as part of the seminar series History and Philosophy of Mathematics, coordinated by Marie-José Durand-Richard.


David Rabouin (SPHERE)
La logique des opérations d’après Leibniz

Frédéric Jaeck (SPHERE)
Des opérations aux opérateurs en analyse fonctionnelle

From arithmetic operations to linear operators
Our goal is to understand how in the beginning of the 20th century mathematicians reinterpreted arithmetic operations in order to find a new idea of linear operator. In particular, I will focus on the binary relation — nature of the elements involved, and type of relations  — and on linearity.

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