SAW team members at the Fête de la science 2013

Once again this year, from October 9 to 12, SAW team members will take part in the annual national science week Fête de la science 2013.

Theme of 2013 at the Paris Diderot University : Water in the history of science

The project, proposed by the SPHERE laboratory, aims to present different aspects of the history of science by discovering the work or scientific activities of different backgrounds, ages and regions in the world. Two lectures and three workshops will give the opportunity to high school students to learn about problems related to water as described by ancient mathematics texts in China, India, and Mesopotamia (irrigation, dam construction, …), to discover how the water was considered in medieval medicine, and to browse through the history of ideas that accompanied the marshes universe since the Middle ages. As an invitation to reflect and dialogue on science in its historical, philosophical and sociological dimension, researchers will also offer interactive exchanges open to all.

All details can be found here.

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