Welcome to  the website of the ERC funded project SAW – Mathematical Sciences in the Ancient World.
Bienvenue sur le site du projet « Mathematical Sciences in the Ancient World », acronyme SAW, qui a reçu le financement de l’ERC.

The SAW project is dedicated to contexualizing mathematical sources that have come down to us from the ancient world, and specifically though not exclusively, to those produced in Mesopotamia, China, and the Indian sub-continent, more. Detailed project description in English, et en français.

Publications from the SAW project are available as well as conferences, seminars, workshop, and archives since 2011. The complete resources, abstracts, handouts, presentations, introductions from papers presented at SAW project’s events, as well as those given by SAW team members at external events or symposia are online.

Visitez notre page destinée à tous les publics de 7 à 107 ans, le charme des mathématiques anciennes.
From age 7 to 107, enjoy our page le charme des mathématiques anciennes dedicated to a very large public.

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June 3rd –  from 2 to 5 pm – room 483 A – Condorcet building, Université Paris Diderot, a session of the seminar Reading Mathematical Texts with Prof. Reviel Netz who will be reading parts of his edition on Archimedes’ Method.

June 7th and 8th Conference at Université Paris Diderot on Rituals, Mathematics and the Astral sciences, 2016

Complete program of the current academic year’s  five seminars, November 2015 to June 2016

Seminar History of Science, History of Text – 2011-2016
November 25 – Workshop on Zhangjiashan tomb 247
December 10 – Theoretical and Linguistic approaches to scientific texts of the past
January 7 – Working on ancient mathematical sources: Textual environment and historiographic operations
February 11 – Discussing how language shapes thought
February 12 – A lecture by Tuska Benes
March 10 – Parts of texts and writing by compilation
April 14 – Genres of writing in the history of ancient science
May 2 and 3 – Conference with the Center for the study of manuscript cultures of Hamburg University, on “Mistakes and the study of manuscripts”
May 12 – Printing scholarship
June 9 – Perspectives on the constitution of collections containing scientific documents of the past

Seminar History and Philosophy of Mathematics –  2011-2016
December 14 – Publishing complete works of mathematicians in 19th-century Europe
January 11 – History of the historiography of algebra
March 7 – History of the historiography of indeterminate analysis
April 4 – Measurement units in the history of mathematics and beyond

Seminar Exploring 19th and 20th centuries historiographies of mathematics in the ancient world – 2015-2016
November 13 –Historical approaches to ancient mathematics and astral sciences in the early modern period
December 18 – History of mathematics and the astral sciences in the ancient world in a context of professionalisation. The case of Mesopotamia
January 8 – Historiography of ancient mathematics and astral sciences in India before its professionalisation
January 22 – Historiography of ancient mathematics and astral sciences in China before its professionalisation
February 19 –Historiography of ancient mathematics and astral sciences, with a focus of China, and the Indian subcontinent: The beginnings of professionalisation
March 18 – Historiography of calculation and computation in the ancient world
April 15 – Historiography of measurement units
May 20 – Historiography of comparison & Historiography of circulation, with a particular reference to the ancient mathematical sciences
June 17 – Historiography of science, ideologies and identities (culture, civilisation, communities)

Seminar Rethinking Practices and Cultures in the History of Science – 2011-2016
December 3, 2015 – Session 1
February 3, 2016 – Session 2
March 2, 2016 – Session 3
May 4, 2016 – Session 4
June 20, 2016 – Session 5

Seminar Reading Mathematical Texts –  2011-2016
January 13th, 2016 – Session 1 – Astronomical and mathematical tablets from Uruk
June 3rd, 2016 – Session 2 – Archimedes’ Method by Reviel Netz