MesoCalc, a Mesopotamian calculator

shid  The SAW project provided Mesopotamian mathematics with a new calculator: MesoCalc . This calculator allows you to perform a number of arithmetical operations in sexagesimal place value notation, in floating as well as in absolute notation.

Among features are:
– conversion between decimal and sexagesimal
– regularity test
– prime factorization
– addition and subtraction
– multiplication, reciprocal, quotient, square, cube, square and cubic roots
– tables (multiplication, reciprocal)
– lists of regular numbers
– metrological transformations (in progress)

This program was implemented by Baptiste Mélès (Archives Henri Poincaré – Université de Lorraine) with  scientific assistance of Christine Proust (CNRS, Université Paris-Diderot), in the framework of SAW project.

This software is free under GPL license. You can download the offline use on your computer or phone, disseminate it, change the source code, even redistribute your changes under the same license. If you find any bugs or would like to suggest new features, please write to Baptiste Mélès (<>).

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