Contribution to and from Manuscript Studies – CSMC & SAW – May 2014

A Joint CSMC & SAW Conference on

“What Can the History of Science Contribute to Manuscript Studies
What Can Manuscript Studies Contribute to the History of Science?”

May 8th to May 10th, 2014

The conference will take place at the University of Hamburg, in the context of the ERC project SAW, SPHERE (UMR 7219, CNRS & University Paris 7/University Paris 1), the University of Hamburg and the CSMC  (Centre for Manuscript Studies).

Programme 8th May, Programme 9th-10 May, Abstracts

Thursday, 08 May 2014
Oliver Hahn: presentation of Methods of Analysing Manuscripts for Recovering of Lost Writing and Material-Scientific Methods for Reconstructing the History of Manuscripts.
Karine Chemla & Daniel Morgan (CNRS, SPHere & SAW ERC project), Math Lessons: Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach to an Early Chinese Manuscript Culture.
Friday, 09 May 2014
Matthieu Husson (SPHERE, SAW ERC project), Confessions of A Historian of Science at Work with Manuscripts.
Lucia Raggetti (Freie Universität Berlin), Arabo-Islamic Manuscripts of Science: A Combined Approach to Structures and Contents.
Robert Middeke-Conlin (SPHERE, SAW ERC project), Estimation and Observation: A Study of Two Old Babylonian Tabular Administrative Documents.
Cécile Michel (ArScAn, SAW ERC project), When Manuscripts Take the Shape of the Object Under Study: The Case of Clay Liver Models.
Boryana Pouvkova (CSMC) The Art of Healing in Greek Iatrosophia.
Kengo Harimoto (University of Hamburg, Old Nepalese Manuscripts of a Medical Text (Suśrutasaṃhitā) and History of Science.
Christian Brockmannn (CSMC), Greek Medicine in an Important Byzantine Manuscript.
Paul Unschuld (HGI Charité Berlin), Chinese Medical Manuscripts of the 16th through Early 20th Century. Neglected Sources – Surprising Finds.
Saturday, 10 May 2014
Agathe Keller (CNRS, SPHere & SAW ERC project), Sanskrit Mathematical Texts and Practices from the Point of View of Manuscripts: Diagrams, Numerical Tables and the Organization of Mathematical Chapters in Early Medieval Commentaries.
Sonja Brentjes (Max Planck Institute Berlin), Observations on Arabic and Persian Texts and Manuscripts on the Mathematical Sciences.
Christine Proust (SPHERE, SAW ERC project), Colophons in Mathematical Cuneiform Texts as Indicators of the Pragmatic Status of Texts.
Sho Hirose (SAW ERC Project, SPHERE), Astronomy Preserved in Trivandrum, India: Some Examples of Manuscripts in Libraries and Private Houses with Reference to Its Practice.
Rüdiger Arnzen (Ruhr University Bochum), What Can We Learn From the Arabic ms. Leyden Or. 583 About the Readers and Commentators of Aristotle’s Physics?