SAW Group’s life

A lecture by Tuska Benes – February 2016

Robert Middeke Conlin’s PHD defense, 19th June 2015

SAW Meeting on the “Collections used in The History of Science – Scholarly value, market value, patrimonial value“, April 2015

A cartoon by Clemency Montelle, a full account of a hard day’s work at the bench manufacturing Armillary Sphere. Workshop chief: Hirose Sho. February 2015.

SAW team members at la Fête de la science 2013

A talk by Professor Reviel Netz – June 2013

The SAW project is mentioned by Mathématiques de la planète Terre 2013

Preparatory sessions – Mesopotamia – January to February 2013

Detailed programme – Indian subcontinent – January to March 2013

SAW team members at la Fête de la science 2012 : Mathematics in Mesopotamia, scribe school – 2012 – Les écoles de scribes, les mathématiques en Mésopotamie – 2012

Two PhD students joining the SAW project in September 2012