Workshop Parts and Pieces, an Exploration of the Textuality of Scientific Writings – 2013

3rd and 4th of July 2013
SPHERE, UMR 7219, CNRS & Université Paris Diderot, Paris, Bâtiment Condorcet

Room 483A – Malevitch
Organisers: Florence Bretelle-Establet and Stéphane Schmitt


This two-day workshop will bring together a series of papers on the issue of parts and pieces of texts in scientific writings, produced in several parts of the world and at different times. This workshop is a preliminary step before the edition of the second volume of Textology via Scientific Writings. By scrutinizing ways of writing, thanks to several tools provided, notably, linguistic ones, the volume aims at identifying specificities or, on the contrary, commonalities in ways of writing texts related to scientific activities; it aims at analyzing whether these writing practices are linked to social milieus, to professional groups, whether they correspond to particular ways of doing science, or meet particular functions. In this collective attempt to describe the textuality of texts, and focusing on the general issue of parts of texts, several themes that are by no way exclusive, have been retained: parts of texts and the issue of citation and compilation; parts of texts and paratext; architectural disposition of the segmentation in texts.

Programme with abstracts